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We're building a world where female-driven content is the norm, and female heroes above the age of 50 are no longer the exception. 

Film is an expensive medium; producers, streamers, and broadcasters are very risk-averse and tend to repeat the same old (i.e. male-driven content). This view will only shift if ample female-driven content is produced that proves that female heroes of any age group can be inspiring and engaging and at the same time reach high audience numbers.

The problem

Women mostly appear as protagonists in TV shows when they are younger than 30. The older women get the less likely they are to play a leading role.  The situation becomes especially grim after the age of 45. More than two-thirds of the main characters over 50 are male. 

These are the numbers from Germany (see Malisa Stiftung for details), but women in English-speaking film productions don't fare better (see e.g. See Jane). 

The solution

We're developing a film production toolbox that allows writers, directors, and producers to get their material to the audience quicker while circumventing the usual gatekeepers.

Small teams and sustainable production standards with lower costs will support filmmakers in a highly competitive market and allow them to produce female-driven content that producers and TV networks usually judge as not commercial enough (e.g. anything with women over 50 in the lead).

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